St Mark’s is one of four churches which together comprise the Wimbledon Team Ministry.

Our governing body is Wimbledon Parochial Church Council (PCC; charity number 1134177) though most of the day to day management of each church rests with their Church Committee.

The membership of St Mark’s Church Committee is:

• Alex Bosworth
• Morgen Brits
• Clive Gardner (Team Vicar, Member of PCC, Member of Deanery Synod, Member of Diocesan Synod)
• Lori Semaan
• Paula Thorvaldsen (Pastoral Minister, Member of PCC, Member of Deanery Synod)
• Veronica Tuffrey (Secretary to the Church Committee)
• Alex Youel (Churchwarden; Member of PCC)
• Carol Youel

St Mark’s Members of Wimbledon Team PCC:

• Clive Gardner
• David Jennings
• Paula Thorvaldsen
• Alex Youel

St Mark’s employs Colin Dadswell as our Treasurer, who works for Caladine Limited.