Church Committee

St Mark’s Church Committee is effectively the ‘Parliament’ of the Church and takes many of the major decisions relating to all aspects of the life of St Mark’s.  It consists of up to fourteen people and the Team Vicar.  These fourteen people are elected at the Annual Church Meeting held in April, and include the Church Wardens, Deputy Warden and Treasurer.

This is an important body within St Mark’s and helps determine the direction of the Church.  Minutes of meetings are shown below, together with the agenda of the next meeting (when it has been published): any member of St Mark’s is welcome to have their views represented at Committee meetings by contacting a member of the Committee, whose names and photos are shown in the Entrance Hall of St Mark’s.  Any member of the Committee is also welcome to place items on the agenda.

The Committee has six working groups:

As St Mark’s is part of the Parish of Wimbledon, the legal body that governs the Church is the Parochial Church Council.  Effectively this body delegates much of its powers to the Church Committees of each of the four churches that comprise the Parish.